By Watchdog reporter

Yesterday Oxfam boss, Winnie Byanyima at the High Court in Kmapala stood as surety for his nephews Matthew Kanyamunyu, Joseph Knayamunyu and girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari who are accused of murdering a social worker, Kenneth Akena.

Byanyima’s conduct sparked outrage among politicians from northern Uganda and family members of the deceased, the accused her of promoting impunity and lawlessness.

Leaders led by Odongo Otto regretted the time they spent when supporting Dr. Kizza Besigye little did they know that his wife could sideline against Justice.

The furious politician wrote this on his social media:

Winnie Byanyima ,executive director oxfam worldwide and one of the last three applicants to a world Bank position today you have made history that an organization that stands for the oppressed is today Siding with the strong. We are presenting a petition to oxfam early next week to that effect.

By default Winnie’s action has affected FDC and Dr Besigye as five mps have today opted to quit FDC it either indicates Winnie does not have a heart for the low and puts blood over justice or Dr Besigye cannot prevail over such a high profiled woman.either way we need to save this country from such a “first family”

Dr Besigye called me to deliver money to the believed family at burial in kitgum (thanx) but the actions of Winnie have seemingly sealed his fate.

Kanyamunyu has a right under article 23 to apply for bail but of all the 33 million Ugandans should it be Winnie to do that. Dr Besigye being a medical doctor knows there are at times you don’t have to inject a patient so close to you.winnie should have known that as well.

First lady Janet kataha did not stand with Agaba a close relative during bail application
I and my colleagues are done with FDC come 2021 for such an insensitive conduct of the people at the achelons of FDC politics.

I was not Hon Godi surety and I couldn’t have been since I was one of the first lawyers to visit him at CPS.It was Hon Ibbi Ekwau that stood surety.Besides Hon Godi did not seek to be president or was “first husband”
where was Winnie when KB was in the Dock 5 times?

I only pray Kanyamunyu be kept in luzira for his own good less he will perish like Agaba.

I overhead the Byanyima family saying in court Kanyamunyu father was killed by Amins Regime (a northerner) needless to say Amin killed more Acholis than any other tribe in uganda.

Others in a smear campaign claim I drew a gun at a petrol station…assuming it’s true if Kanyamunyu or Godi had done the same would they be in the situation they are in?
Many Acholis have died for FDC and Besigye James Opoka (former Guild president) RIP enough is enough..