By Mourice Muhoozi

The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party president Jimmy Akena has revealed his intentions to contest for Uganda’s top political job in 2021. He made these remarks during the Milton Obote inaugural lecture which was held in the main hall, main building, Makerere University, yesterday October 10th,  2017.

According to Akena, Museveni’s constitutional term will expire in 2021, after which he will be expected to hand over power peacefully to any other contenders, majorly the UPC.

He also watered down rumours of the NRM- UPC alliance.

“I am not aware of any UPC alliance with the regime” asserted Akena.

He added on to say that his party entered into a memorandum of understanding with the NRM so as to effect a peaceful transition.

Worth noting, Akena also rubbished allegations that the 1980 presidential elections in Uganda, which brought Obote 11 to power, were rigged as many writings explain.

He also underscored Obote’s achievements when he was Uganda’s president which included the construction of industries and factories.

He gave examples of Hima Cement, Mweya Safari Lodge, among others. He keenly noted that these achievements were ruined, while others shared among NRM officials as a wedding cake.

In his conclusive remarks, he noted that Uganda existed, even before Museveni’s power take over and that it will continue to exist after his exit which many Ugandans are waiting.

The Milton Obote inaugural lecture was organized by the Mulunguishi Club, an ideological association, which brings together socialist oriented individuals from Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.

The function was however shunned by the press.