By Watchdog reporter

President Barack Obama’s administration has warned warring parties in South Sudan to stop fighting or face sanctions.

The United States says it will take actions on the South Sudanese leaders that are threatening the peace, security, or stability of the newest country on earth.

In the statement on South Sudan, the USA says those responsible for attacks on civilians or United Nations premises could face sanctions under the UN Security Council Resolution (UNSC) 2206 (2015).

Mark Toner, the deputy spokesperson of the Department of State said in a 30 July statement that, “We call for an immediate halt to combat operations and full compliance with the ceasefire declared on July 11 and in the peace agreement.”

The Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) and the African Union issued similar concerns over the fighting, but no ceasefire has been effected by the two parties.

The Obama administration says the South Sudan leaders are at war because they are “short-sighted”.

The fall out before Independence day has brought about a humanitarian crisis increasing food insecurity, and other health needs for refugees.

“The people of South Sudan should have the opportunity to build their country and pursue their aspirations in peace,” said Toner, further adding, “Instead they are facing the further untold suffering of continued conflict”.