By Namugerwa Martha

National water and sewerage cooperation (NWSC) is set to reduce water costs to enable people in rural areas acquire enough water.

Minister of water and Environment Sam Cheptoris said this to Members of Parliament while reading out the expenditure and income of NWSC at the parliamentary building in Kampala today.

“We are going to reduce the water bills, one jerrycan will be sold at shs25 for the water sellers and be sold to the people at shs 50,” Cheptoris said.

He added that whoever will be found selling water at a higher price will be taken to courts of law.

“NWSC is still improving its work and taking water to the rural areas as for now they are constructing a new motorized borehole in Kitgum,” Cheptoris lamented.

Cheptoris further added that  the borehole is going to boost supply reliability in Kitgum, north and south Lamit Kapim, Ayul A and B, east and south Lemo, Bajere, Nyikinyiki and the surrounding areas.