By Watchdog reporter

It is very rare to find a man in his 30s or 20s who is a virgin but NTV’s renowned journalist Joel Ssenyonyi defies all temptations to be one and he is one of the few species who are not afraid to admit that they have never tasted sex in their lives.

Hosted at Watoto Church down town during the Power, Sex and Money gathering that takes every Friday, Ssenyonyi revealed that he is still a virgin not because he lacks opportunity or he doesn’t function well but because he has self control.

“ I’m a virgin, some people might thing that maybe I do not have opportunities, or that my ‘things’ don’t function. Of opportunities, they are immense. In fact, I was about to report a police case. About the ‘things’ God blessed me with, they are working. However, just because they work, doesn’t mean I go all over putting them in every place. Guarding myself is not because there is a problem. I have decided to have self control. I am not saying that I’m perfect. When it happens, I say; Joel get back to order. While I got born again, this flesh, it refused. That is why when I eventually die, it will rot away – because it refused to get saved. But self control is important. We can and should have it,” he said.