RELATIONSHIPS are one of the hardest things in this world for anyone, but they’re the foundation of our existence and they keep life moving on. If they were a subject or a course unit, it would have been the hardest of all and many would have been getting countless retakes. But what makes them so hard? It’s we humans.

We lie a lot, we aren’t open enough, we don’t know what we want, we don’t value what we have, we cheat a lot, we aren’t loyal, we aren’t contented of what we have, we have different interests and values, we are careless, we are totally imperfect and we have a lot of baggage that we carry with us which is too heavy to bear and off load and many other things.

If we were good people in all those things then relationships would have been a walk over in this world.

So, if you have someone who shows that they really love and care about you and they make you happy in their own ways, then just count yourself lucky and blessed. Be generous to that person, return the same love and keep them in the safest place in your heart because such people are rare to find.