By Watchdog reporter

For long, we have been thinking that singer Desire Luzinda is the only celebrity who wants to remain 25 years old for eternity and for the past 10 years; the ‘kitone’ singer has been coming out openly on every birthday to claim that she has just made 25 years.

Well, good news for the singer is that she is not the only one who wants to stay forever young.

Famous NTV Luganda news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe who is celebrating her birthday today, has shocked the nation after revealing that she has just made 23 years today.

“Age is just a number…so they say. And today that number increases to 23 years. Awakana, leeta immunisation card kwewangemeseza. Gwekirumye, jangu onkube, ndi wano ku Serena,”She posted on Facebook.

However, one of her followers, a one Nsubuga Edgar Martin Roy (Facebook names) refused to kowtow in her pooho saying that Nakazibwe cannot be 23 years yet she was in Senior 4 when he was in senior one and right now he is 31.

“ She can’t be 23 yet she was in s4 while I was in s1 and I’m now 31. Atuleekemu naye,” posted Nsubuga.

Meanwhile, afterwards she revealed that it was just a joke.

Jokes aside, thank you all for the love. Thanks to God for the FAVOUR…..all the time.”