Relationship is wonderful between two young adults who find pleasure in each other and decided within them that a love story is worth trying.Some people can’t fall in love until they meet who they love in person, while others can easily fall in love no matter the distance.

Many said love starts with a glance at someone while others disagreed by saying they can’t love someone unless they meet the person and have achit chat first.But in terms of distance relationship, is it healthy or not? It is viewed in different angles because it can flavour some people while others can’t handle it. Many people believe distance relationship builds the urge to love more but to others, out of sight is out of mind. People in distance relationship tend to be jealous over little things because they will always think their partner is cheating in one way or the other in their absence.

“If you don’t have any source of income as a man,my dear you can’t handle a distance relationship due to the money involved to keep in touch.During festive periods like Valentine day, Christmas day, Eid day etc”,

Lovers in distance relationship feel lonely most because those who are supposed to spend it with them aren’t there…Thereby, making them think someone is filling the gap on that special day.If you’re not strong at heart, you will die from within due to loneliness and jealousy, because weak people can’t keep distance relationship.But if both of you are very honest with each other,after meeting eventually, the love will be so strong that nothing can shake it.

Some people mostly ladies are quick in backing away from a distance relationship.Why? Loneliness, lack of physical care etc, and this can push them into either cheating on their partners with another guy nearby or quit entirely. Distance relationship is dangerous if not handled with trust and understanding.If you can’t be faithful in the circle of distance relationship, be bold to back away instead of breaking someone’s heart after years of endurance to meet you. True love can come in anyway.
Love is a beautiful thing for those who understand the importance of endurance flaws distance relationship.⁠⁠⁠⁠