Okay Elections are done…Lets go to the next chapter. Here are 10 reasons you should be at cricket oval Lugogo for Dr Chameleons show.

1) Because BobiWine won Elections yesterday it calls for celebration. We going 4 celebration.

2) Dr Chameleon has done so so so much music he doesnt need to release a new song towards a show to prove to you he is great. You will listen to hundreds of songs.

3) When will you say thank you to him for exporting Ugandas music to the rest of the world. Dont wait when he is gone Today we say thank u Jose.

4) Others want to prove wether Jose will fill Cricket Oval to the brim? You can only prove with your own 2 eyes if you are at cricket oval not on your phone.so come prove

5) Dr Jose has put in alot into this show done so many interviews, cleared the air on so many things and cut down on how the public was speculating abt him in the past. Kati what reason do u have not to be at cricket oval today?

6) Like what Bebecool said in a recent interview “Go support Chameleone because him and Bebe revolutionarised ugandan music”

7) Because you dont have a reason not to be at cricket oval

8) ………………



You also fill in the other numbers but see you in the evening.

Uganda 4ward