By Watchdog reporter

The woman, who accused one of the Pentecostal pastors of allegedly defiling her daughter in the NTV expose a couple of days ago, has been sent to Kigo prison.

Ms Peace Nanangwe who appeared in NTV Investigates news feature which exposed Pentecostal pastors as conmen, was sent to Kigo prison by Grade 1 magistrate Hope Bagyenda of Kajansi, Kitende court. Her daughter, a minor who she said was raped, infected with HIV and impregnated before she was forced to carry out an abortion, was sent to a remand home in Naguru.

The bitter woman told NTV journalist Emmanuel Mutaizibwa that Bishop Patrick Makumbi of Gospel Healing Centre has asked her to help the girl with her education but after the girl had an abortion which almost took her life, they were shocked to hear from the girl that the pastor had made her pregnant.

Emmanuel Mutaizibwa has posted on his Page saying, “Justice is meant to be blind and impartial. Why can’t we come to the rescue of this helpless woman and daughter? Why do we allow criminal rackets to thrive? I spent most of the afternoon with Bart Kakooza, a colleague I did the film with at the Ethics ministry. Canon Mwesigye who is a Director of Religious Affairs was quite helpful. I spoke to the Ethics minister Lokodo who has also promised to help. If this woman made up the claims, why can’t she be probed and it’s proven? These scorched-earth tactics and impunity against the vulnerable by those who purport to occupy the hallowed pulpits and are ‘highly connected’ should end!”

NTV political editor Emmanuel Mutaizibwa was behind the expose

While, Bart Kakooza, a film journalist who put together some of the pieces of the fake preachers, said, “New development. The NTV piece I put together with NTV about fake pastors is negatively gathering dust. The woman who talked to us has been arrested together with her daughter who was defiled by a pastor. Grade 1 magistrate Hope Bagyenda Kajansi, Kitende court ordered for her arrest and detention at Kigo prison. Her daughter was remanded at Naguru remand home. This is very sad. I myself has been verbally attacked by one self styled pastor who openly confronted me at Serena concierge. It is sad. This woman’s daughter was defiled, made pregnant by the pastor, forced to undergo crude abortion which made her womb rot! She almost lost her life! Where is our so called reformed judicially? Can somebody out there help?