By our reporter

The General Manager of NTV Kenya Linus Kaikai has been sacked for opposing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

Kaikai, who once asked President Museveni tough questions after the spraying of Dr Kizza Besigye with pepper in his eyes and was hospitalized in Nairobi, was showed the exit door on Friday. It is believed his sacking has a lot to do with a standoff between the government of Kenyatta which wanted to jail top TV managers for broadcasting Raila Odinga’s swearing in on January 30 at Uhuru Park, and for his closeness with opposition leaders.

Nation Media Group (NMG) Editor-in-Chief Tom Mshindi sacked Kaikai is an award-winning television journalist who joined NTV Kenya from KTN in 2009 but he is likely going to donate him competing television Citizen.

WD understands that Kaikai has landed a deal as Chief Operations Officer at Royal Media Services conglomerate who run Citizen TV. However NTV, according to Kenya’s businesstoday website is also likely going to lose another star presenter Larry Madowo who is reportedly uneasy with what is taking place at Nation Media Group.

The Kenya business news website also reports that Kenyatta family who own Mediamax Network Ltd – the company that owns K24 TV, People Daily and a host of radio stations will be scaling down their ownership in the media company in favour of buying a substantive stake in NMG, which of recent is losing ground but wants to continue commanding its position as the leading media company in East Africa.

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