Open Letter…

Dear Artists/Actors/Djs/Mcees/Comedians and all entertainment fans. Some situations call for Joint effort. Its absurd that some people are still thinking interms of their camps yet this time calls for those that think big.

This country needs people who can invoke change. Lets think beyond these camps BOBI WINE is NOT going to be an MP for firebase. If he managed to get out of the ghetto tested poverty and worked his way up, isnt that suposed to be the perfect leader? What he is standing for now benefits not only those that loved his music rather all of us as ugandans.

You might not be his voter but you can stand with him by putting up this poster, Sharing this post or just letting everyone know that you stand with BOBIWINE.

Lets do this. Victory is ours.

Are we on the same page???

Signed #DouglasLwanga