By Moses Ntare

The Ntungamo district chairman LCV Denis Singahache has vowed not bow down to civic and political leaders with selfish interest to bring confusion and disservice to the public in the district.

Singahache accused the Ntungamo District chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Kweyamba Ruhemba and RDC Justine Mbabazi for convening with LCIII Ihunga sub county boss Jackson Rubagyera to mismanage the government funds one hundred million shillings (100m) which was sent to construct new sub county headquarters.

He made the remarks on Monday while leading the district delegation to a harmonization meeting between the civic and political leaders of Ihunga Sub County and the district over the land where the new sub county headquarters will be constructed.

This comes after the leaders of Ihunga Sub County are divided over the location of the sub county headquarters.
The sub county is one of the newly created administrative units and became operational last year but the location had created divided residents some propose Kitondo and others wanted headquarters to be at Rwentare in Butanda parish.

Last week the residents stormed the offices of LCV chairman Singahache Denis demanding him to clarify where the new headquarters will be built.

He called upon all civic and political leaders to work together for the development of their areas of jurisdiction which will create strength and calm amongst electorate thus sporadic development and growth of the communities.

The meeting which was chaired by Singahache,Topher Nshemereza the representative to the chief administrative officer and Ntungamo district executive held at Namirembe Butanda IhungaSub County in Kajara county unanimously agreed to start constructing the new sub county headquarters at Rwentare in Butanda parish which is at the center for service delivery.

The Councilors David Bashabe, ArihoLovence of Butanda and Nyakibigiparishes respectively also accuse their leaders of intimidation and sabotage in the sub county council.

However,Topher Nshemereza the representative to the chief administrative officer Ntungamo district commended the LCV and the executive for respecting the will of the residents of Butanda parish to bring service nearer to the people.

Mubangizi Denis councilor for kitondo parish expressed happiness for dissolving their grievances to bring back their sub county to RwentareButanda parish.

The LC III boss Jackson Rubagyera and sub county chief Ainomugisha Coleta shunned the meeting.