By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred

The Kagarama Town council authorities have embarked on a campaign to demolish all dilapidated buildings as the only way to promote hygiene and sanitation of the town council.

This was revealed by Town clerk Kagarama Towncouncil in Kajara county Ntungamo district Arinaitwe Benson Rwankangi during the general cleaning of the town.

According to Arinaitwe they resolved that all dilapidated buildings and toilets should be demolished, others be finished and painted making it better and appeasing such that the business person who is renting can enjoy better living in Kagarama town council and may also attract customers.

“ Kagarama is old town known for a Tuesday weekly market that attracts traders from in and around Ntungamo district and it has some old buildings which are beyond standards of a town which must be demolished to have peasant buildings in the town council”, he said.

Kagarama town council was inaugurated in July 2016 but it has been under the interim council of Ihunga sub county which is the mother sub county not until July 2018 when it hold elections at all levels except Namirembe cell which will hold election on Monday 24.09.2018 and has three wards of Kagarama, Kagamba and Rutunguru with the population of 14,770 people.

He said that all buildings in sorry state have been marked letters ranging from D, R and C meaning to demolish, rehabilitate and clean up respectively.

Arinaitwe noted that they gave an ultimatum of 90 days to building owners to respond but fail to comply they will seek a court order to demolish and arrest the errant land lords.

“Remember a health body is a productive body, when they produce then the town will grow and we shall shift to middle class as a nation”, town clerk said.

 The health inspector Kagarama town council Mugisha Abel reminded all land lords shift from using pit latrines to toilets since Kagarama has enough water supplies for the cause.

Mugisha noted that in near future all building owners will be forced to construct toilets with a provision of emptying.