By Moses Ntare

The Ntungamo District woman MP Beatrice Rwakimaari has attributed the rampant cases of crimes in the district to its big size and geographical location.

According to Rwakimaari the big size of Ntungamo District has attracted notorious criminals and other intruders from the neighboring countries which are posing a big threat to the communities.

This comes after the 2017 annual crime report released by police and Ntungamo District was ranked the 2nd after Lira District in crimes.

Lira was ranked with 7,872 followed by Ntungamo district with 6,839 and Mbarara 5,096 crimes.

She noted that the district should be divided to ease the security agencies to tighten their operational effectively rather than harboring the criminals.

Hon Rwakimaari made the remarks today during the burial of senior nursing officer attached to Ntungamo Municipal Health center IV Birungi Jane who succumbed to stomach cancer at Mulago Hospital held Rukindo cell Ntungamo municipality.

In July 2017 the Ntungamo District council passed a resolution to create 2 more districts of Karaja,Rushenyi and Ntungamo out of Ntungamo district greater as the way to reduce un employment amongst youths in the region.

They propose Kajara District will have its headquarters at Rwashameire,Rushenyi at Rubaare and Ntungamo will be combined with Ruhaama and Municipality with its current headquarters.

Ntungamo District is one of largest districts in the country with population of 500,000 people making it hard to extend services to its citizens.

However, the motion hit a snag after the president Museveni refused saying that he is not supporting the proposal since it will increase burden to citizens through paying taxes.