By our reporter

Ntinda School of the Deaf is set to host this year’s Children’s Climate Change conference which is scheduled to take place next month on 20th.

The conference will run under a theme ‘End Plastic pollution, Restore Nature – protect the future’

The Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green, Joseph Masembe says the move to make the school of the deaf the host is to inspire them to reach their full potential.

“Being deaf does not mean one is defeated. These children from Ntinda School of the Deaf are some of the brightest conservation soldiers I have ever met. It is therefore my duty as an able bodied human being to inspire all including the deaf and hard of hearing children to reach their full potential,” He said.

Mr. Masembe further reveals that  the conference will look at curbing pollution of the environment using plastic wastes, restoring of wetland and planning for and protection of the environment for future use.

The annual climate conference will bring together hundreds of pupils from different schools in Uganda, Rwanda and beyond.