By Watchdog reporter

Former Democratic Party Senior member AlHajj Nasser Ntege Sebaggala has condemned the party’s decision to summon Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze to the disciplinary committee.

Early this week, Nambooze was summoned by the party executive over misconduct and disorganization of the party after staging a conference without approval fromParty President Norbert Mao. The conference was halted by police saying it was against DP’s constitution.

Sebaggala says the summoning issue is one of the reasons he had to quit DP. He says after a delegates conference in Mbale, they disagreed over some things the party was presenting. They summoned them but by the end of it all they had to quit.

“I think they summoned the wrong person. I quit DP long time ago. After a delegates conference in Mbale, we disagreed with some of the things that the party was presenting and we quit,” Says Sebaggala.

However, he advises the party to dialogue with members rather than summoning them for disciplinary action.

“What DP should do is to dialogue with its members rather than summon them for disciplinary action”