By Najib Mulema

National Resistance Movement (NRM) youth league leader Robert Rutaro has revealed that he is going to stand against his boss President Yoweri Museveni as the party chairman and presidential flag bearer in the coming general elections in 2021.

Rutaro who accuses Museveni of failing to build and privatize the party structures says the president is selfish and cares nothing about NRM.

He says Museveni just uses the party to achieve his goals of getting into power over and over again.

He further said NRM as a party is as good as a virtual thing or good as a cult with no headquarters it can call a home.

He cited an example of Rwanda President Paul Kagame who is a darling to his party and has managed to set up a state of the art party headquarters unlike Museveni who has been in power for longer than Kagame.

According to Rutaro, he cannot allow to see NRM going down under the leadership of Museveni thus deciding to come out as an alternative leader to compete against the president as the party national chairman as well as the presidential flag bearer.

“Museveni’s stay as life president is a threat, a danger to this country that is why we the NRM cadres come out and say enough is enough,” Rutaro lamented.

“Museveni has lost legitimacy to be trusted to create alternative pillars so the pillars must come out themselves and am coming out as one of those alternative pillars and I want to say this for the first time that come 2020 I offer myself as a candidate for NRM party national chairman and NRM party presidential flag bearer,” he further asserted.

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Posted by Rutaro Robert on Wednesday, August 30, 2017