By Stephen Kalema

President Museveni has said National Resistance Movement (NRM) was not built on the basis of  lies and propaganda but honesty and unity.
The President, also the party chairman was addressing supporters at the weekend at Kashongi Sub-County headquarters in Kashongi Constituency, Kiruhuura District.
“Movement was founded on principles of honesty, works for unity among Ugandans and  we don’t peddle lies or use political propaganda to gain smart political capital. That’s the reason why it deserves the support of Ugandans.”
President also called on Ugandans to understand the difference between NRM and other Parties that have existed in Uganda in the past and those in the country today.
” People must have a difference between NRM and other political parties whether past or even those existing. NRM Government has developed Uganda through prioritising the most crucial areas that can move the country forward. I want every one to know that  Movement is not ready to listen to any political detractors who propagate lies in order to divert the country’s course of development,” added President
This comes after NRM supporters and leaders in Kampala district last week  threatened to leave the party saying that the party chairman had neglected his real supporters and is splashing money to ‘fake supporters’, yet he promised them some money.
“NRM does not lie. We plan and never propagate lies against Ugandans. We work for unity and despise sectarianism of any kind and this has helped strengthen the NRM giving it the long tenure to lead Uganda and develop your country,” he commented in Kiruhura.
President called on NRM supporters  to focus on values and the what the party has done instead of listening to propaganda which will ruin the party.