By Watchdog reporter

Special President Advisor on Research and information Rwakakamba Morrison and Presidential Advisor on Political affairs David Mafabi are opposed to Odrek Rwabwogo teachings that they say water down the NRM ideology. It is clear the battle for succession is at the heart of the counter punches.

Rwakakamba says Odrek is being pretentious to position himself as teaching NRM ideology, when all the population wants is the delivered goods of the NRM ideology.

“The campaign we need is not to teach ideology per se-but to deliver the ideology, I wish Rwabwogo the best, but to appear to recreate or tweak NRM ideology with brazen talk of how issues and generation has evolved is pure subterfuge, diversionary and pretentious,” Rwakakamba stated.

On several occasions, Rwabwogo has been making controversial statement which in one way or the other attack his father in law and the latest attack was when he issued a dossier titled  “Are strongmen a hindrance or facilitator to institutional growth, successful political transition?” which sparked a mixed feeling within the NRM party some alleging that he was referring to Museveni.