By our reporter

Chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa is tipped to replace embattled secretary general of the ruling party NRM, Justine Kasule Lumumba.

A section of NRM MPs proposed Nankabirwa as secretary general as they descended on Kiboga to celebrate the passing of the amendments to the constitution including the controversial 102b which gives President Museveni to rule beyond 75 years.

Nankabirwa is the woman MP for Kiboga district and she has organised a mega party as the party’s chief whip to celebrate what their party says was a stroke of genius as MPs passed the most controversial amendment. NRM MPs were accused of pocketing at least sh60 million to pass the amendment. They also smuggled into the constitution a clause saying that the term for parliament will be stretched to seven years.

MPs who preferred to remain anonymous for the time being say Nankabirwa has matured in her management of people unlike Lumumba who is currently involved in petty power fights with Dr Tanga Odoi the chairman of the party’s electoral commission.

MPs say Nankabirwa’s mobilisation skills enabled the passing of the do it die controversial bill last December. They say Lumumba almost had no role, despite having a job with more clout.

Lumumba’s secretariat recently laid off over 400 staff saying the party had no money to pay them, which caused a confrontation with her colleague at the electoral commission Dr Odoi who accused her of being a poor manager. Lumumba however responded accusing Odoi of sexism for referring to her dancing abilities.