By Watchdog reporter

National Resistance Movement (NRM) Communications Officer Rogers Mulindwa has today appeared before Court in Masaka over allegations of assault malicious damage to property, a crime he committed in 2015.

In May 12, 2015,Mulindwa reportedly assaulted Edward Bindhe, a journalist working with Uganda Radio Network also leader of Journalist Association in Masaka.

The incident happened at Garden Courts Hotel located at Sazza in Katwe-Butego division in Masaka municipality.

Bindhe and other journalists had gone to cover the launch of sole candidate campaign for President Yoweri Museveni spearheaded by Justine Kasule Lumumba, the NRM Secretary General.

Prosecution alleges that when Bindhe entered the Hall where Lumumba had just started addressing the NRM members around the region, two NRM officials, a lady and gentleman, stopped him from recording and asked him to go out.

While outside, the two officials told him he was not allowed to cover the function since he had come after registration had ended.

A few minutes later, Mulindwa reportedly arrived and asked Bindhe to leave the Hotel on grounds that he was wearing a light blue shirt which indicated he was a spy from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party.
Mulindwa is said to have grabbed the journalist by the neck, slapped him and dragged him out of the hotel. In the process, Bindhe’s pair of spectacles was smashed.

The presiding judge said the Mulindwa’s case will be decided in May.