By our reporter

Turahi Aaron, the NRM Chairman for Endinzi Sub County in Isingiro District has quit the party to join opposition’s Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

On Saturday, he lost in the NRM primaries for the Endinzi Town Council Mayoral race. He described the poll as a total sham- marred with vote rigging, intimidation of voters and voter bribery.

According to, Turahi decided to quit because NRM is full of injustice and discrimination.

He said there are people within the NRM Party who think they are more important than others and have stepped on many other members in the district. “Such people believe they have the money and the power to influence things and silence others. This has pushed many members to the periphery, deepened intrigue and divisions within the party”, he explained.

“I have left the NRM Party and am now a member of the FDC party,” said Turahi.