By Watchdog reporter

There is a fresh fight brewing among bosses at the National Resistance Movement headquarters on Plot 10 and Plot 12.

This time round, it is a fight among NRM electoral commission boss Tanga Odoi and secretary general Justine Lumumba. The fight although deep-seated, it is about salary discrimination this time round.

In a stinging letter, Dr Tanga Odoi has accused SG Lumumba of selectively increasing pay for her favourite Secretariat staff and left out others.

In a largely disrespectful letter to the Secretary General but copied to the Central Executive Committee members, the highest party organ, Dr Tanga asks pointed questions to Lumumba like a teacher asking a schoolgirl.


“It has come to our attention that you decided to raise the pay of some staff at Plot 10 at the expense of others,” Dr Tanga started the letter dated November 23, 2016, before posing several questions.

“Is it fair or good management practice? Is it legal to use party resources discriminatively and divide staff?” he asked, adding that the Secretary General should address the plight of other staff at the Secretariat who equally contribute to the party survival.

Watchdog understands that recently NRM secretariat staff were paid two months from their eight to nine months salary arrears after the government released money for political parties.

Although there are some meetings that take place at the party secretariat, the place is abandoned as most offices have nothing to do.

The staff have therefore turned to other things to do, some going into private business, some farming, while others, lobby for a living.

It is also a well known fact that Dr Tanga and SG Lumumba are not in good terms, a thing which emerged during the primaries.