By Watchdog reporter

I know many of you have been yearning to see how Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director looked like before assuming big positions in government.

Well look no further as we have managed to secure a photo Musisi took some time back in 1990s when she was still having the ‘survival for the fittest’ mentality.

During that time she had no dream of ever enjoying taxpayer’s money like she does now; she really looked so miserable probably in a sorry state.

But all in all when Jennifer Musisi of 1990s meets the present Jennifer Musisi, I swear to God, the current Musisi would denounce to ever looked such sluggish before.

Apparently, Madam Jenny looks so hot than ever with upgraded public appearances.

Ever since she was named the KCCA ED, Musisi’s way of life has been ‘perfect’ and many lousy slay queens wish to be exactly like her when they grow up.

Many photos of Jennifer Musisi flaunting her big upgraded behind have been hitting social media by storm; hopefully it’s not ‘faco’ as many critics say.

Anyway, we all know what money can do!!!!!!!!!


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