By Watchdog reporter

As the age limit debate intensifies, Baganda MPs have also opted to use the availing chance to resurrect federo in Parliament.

For years, Buganda’s quest for federo system of governance has been dump folded by the central government and now Mukono South MP Muyanja Johnson Senyonga is set to retable a private members bill on federo.

In a proposal issued to the Speaker of Parliament, Senyonga says the issue of federo which appeared since Constituency Assembly up to date has never been considered thus requesting to be allowed to retable the bill on the floor of parliament.

Last week, Workers MP Sam Lyomoki also revealed that he is working with other NRM MPs on a bill titled “The Museveni Succession, Transition and Immunities Bill 2017” to grant president Museveni  immunity when he leaves power.

Lyomoki also proposed to table a second Bill to restore term limits in the Constitution. Term limits were removed in 2005.

This comes at a moment when NRM MPs are all set for Tuesday to table a private members bill to amend article 102b after a failed attempt last week.