Not happy at work? Maybe you should run home and have some sex. That’s what the study says and published in the journal of management.

The question is how sex with your partner at home can affect how you perceive and perform your job whether positively or the opposite.

For the study researchers Keith Leavitt from Oregon state university and Trevor Watkins from the University of Washington, made a survey on 159 married employees for two weeks.

The research was done using social media and these women were asked questions like, how many times they have sex a day and how they perform and rate their jobs the evaluation on how that person works that day.

Because research has it that married couples actually have more sex than single people.(yes some of you married folks may be shocked to hear this.)

The results are, sex is good, when employees had sex at home, they tend to be in better moods the following day which in turn may lead to greater engagement at work and more job satisfaction. This effect seems to last up to 24 hours and it occurs in both men and women regardless of the marital status.