By our reporter

The Police Chief Political Commissar AIGP Asan Kasingye has lashed out at people calling police officers criminals saying its not fair.

Kasingye says it has become fashionable for most people to define officers as criminals, goons and failures yet the people they abuse are the ones who have tried to protect lives and properties of Ugandans.

“I am aware that you judge us against the highest quality of service we must render and not to exalt us. But some of us who wake up every morning, put on the khaki uniform or in cheap civilian attire and come to offices, streets, allays, roads, parks, forests etc, we bleed with this unfairness,” he noted.

According to Kasingye, the general public should find a positive way of criticizing the force without random condemnation.

“I am not a criminal nor do I serve a criminal police,” said Kasingye.