By Watchdog reporter

Should we say Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has bowed to pressure being exerted to him by ‘Bad DP’ leader Betty Nambooze?

Hardly a week since Mao issued a tough decree warning Mukono Municipality MP Nambooze to call off her conference or else to be kicked out of DP.

Surprisingly, on Sunday while on his way to Aruu, Mao decided to pay an impromptu visit to Nambooze at her home in Mukono.

He was accompanied by the acting Secretary General Siranda Blacks. They found her with her father who on hearing the struggles the iron lady was leading had to come and spend a day with his daughter.

Mao and Nambooze had a frank talk as they discussed a wide range of burning party issues but most interesting, the party president said he agrees with all issues being raised by “Bad DP” especially the six points reforms charter.

“Am here to let you know that we have heard you, you have been loud and clear” Mao said.

However, Mao begged Nambooze to postpone the planned Buganda Conference which suggestion Nambooze declined citing that the 31st March conference will be held as scheduled not as a way to launch a rebellion against his leadership but to kick start the process of making DP great again.

“The Buganda region is committed to strengthening and give support to other regions and party members in a bid to win support for the party,” Nambooze stated.

“In that line I urge members coming for the March 31st meeting to come prepared to make a financial contribution for the Aruu county DP candidate,” She added.