By Watchdog reporter

Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has asked Baganda MPs to emulate their colleagues from Acholi sub region in agitating and fighting for their land instead of pursuing politics of self aggrandizement.

Mao who was addressing the press over his fall out with Betty Nambooze, the Buganda vice president suspended by the National Executive Committee (NEC) last week. The DP boss accuses Nambooze and Baganda politicians in Buganda for over reaching their mandate and challenge his leadership of DP.

Mao says Baganda MPs were being in self promotion instead of fighting for Buganda land such as the controversial 9000 mailo land which Mengo is working slowly reclaiming from the control of the central government.
The DP leader, an Acholi who hails from Gulu says Baganda MPs should emulate their counterparts from Acholi who had frustrated the Minister of Agriculture Vincent Ssempijja from taking.

“Acholi MPs are fighting with Minister Sempijja for attempting to steal Aswa land to give NRM and some investor and has been dragged to the Lands parliamentary committee to explain himself.” Mao said, blaming Baganda MPs for their silence as Buganda land is stolen at an alarming rate.

Acholi MPs argued that the government’s planis not only illegal but unacceptable and should be opposed.

The government is planning to give away at least 24 square miles of State-owned ranches to private groups and individuals, including the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

That ranch was started to support the Acholi sub-region to improve agriculture and the land was given by the Acholi District council.