By Our Reporter

For those who don’t know Mohammad Ssegirinya, he is KCCA councillor behind the infamous television digital migration strikes.

He carried old television sets to Police, adding to his ‘fame’ as a radio phone in icon. His antics eventually won him a seat for lord councilor in the recently concluded 2016 general polls.

However, Ssegirinya Mohammad like many people, doesn’t walk the talk.

There are he has refused to pay his honest debts as little as sh100,000. Now he’s being accused of defrauding business people on Nasser Road in Kampala who helped him print campaign posters.

Ssegirinya approached a printing company to help him print his campaign materials during the campaigns.

After failing to agree on prices with a printing company, Ssegirinya approached two girls in the same company, who he begged to work for him promising to send the money on the following day.

For the fact that these girls had printed official tags for Ssegirinya at a cost of shs100,000, Ssegirinya disappeared, and later he deliberately refused to pay.

Our source, revealed to us that the Councillor has blacklisted their phone numbers and whenever they tried him using other phones, he adamantly switched them off.

Mr Ssegirinya is loud when accusing the government officers of corruption and theft, but he won’t honor a debt of 100k. Shame upon Mohammad Ssegirinya!