By Waswa Tenywa

Ministry of Health on Thursday lashed out at the media and other stakeholders over misleading Ugandans about the issue of fake Hepatitis B vaccine drugs saying the alleged drugs haven’t caused any side effect to any person among those who were vaccinated.

Speaking to the press during the ministry of health media breakfast meeting at Lourdel Towers in Kampala, Dr. Diana Atwine the ministry of health permanent secretary said ever since the national Drug national announced the use of fake Hepatitis B vaccination drugs they sent the alleged fake drugs to the bigger laboratory outside Uganda to examine it and promised to inform the public in case the procedures will be done.

Dr Atwine said they setup experts in all centers where vaccinations took place but until now they haven’t received any complaint against the vaccination.

She added that the vaccination is continuing in all government hospitals and the accredited private hospitals.

Meanwhile Dr Daniel Kyabayinze the deputy programme manager national malaria control division at ministry of health revealed they are intending to reduce the number of medicine being givenout to the patients moving to the hospitals and that they are adopting a policy of first checking every patient who goes to the hospitals for malaria treatments.

Kyambadde added that the malarial drugs are olways not enough because some patients go for malarial treatments when they are not suffering from malaria.