By Najibu Mulema

There was chaos in the Kings’ palace in Mengo on Saturday 31 December, 2016 during the annual ‘Enkuuka’ concert when Kabaka’s Sister Nnaalinya Kyamulabi desperately fought for his hug.

It all started when the king of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi came to the palace and he started greeting some of his subjects especially in the VIP section.

When he reached in the section where the royals were seated, all the female royals knelt to greet him but instead for Nnalinya, she opted for a warm hug yet this kind of behavior of hugging the king in public is not acceptable in the Buganda tradition.

On seeing such act, the Buganda Premier, Charles Peter Mayiiga came closer to advise Nnaalinya that her action is prohibited in public.

The angry princess instead started to attack the premier telling him that a ‘poor’ cannot stop her from hugging her brother and as he was getting so emotional, the king calmed her down.

“We are tired of some people who deny us a chance to see the king. The king and I are from the royal family why do the ‘poor’ limit us from talking with the king?” furious Naalinya lamented.

Who is Nnaalinya Kyamulabi?

She is the caretaker of King Walugembe’s tombs in Bugembegembe – Kasengejje in Wakiso district.

She left Uganda for United States of America in 2000 but she occasionally comes to Uganda.

This time round she had came to attend a party where the King was going to meet his subjects who live in the diaspora.