By Mourice Muhoozi

Makerere University students of Buganda origin emerged winners in the 2017-2018 annual cultural gala competitions which were concluded last Sunday at the University hall grounds.

The cultural gala was organised by the 83rd guild, with the prime aim of instilling in students, the love for their cultures.

Under the stewardship of Baganda Nkobazambogo Makerere University Students Association,  these students registered the  highest performance, beating the nearest rivals Bunyoro Kitara Makerere University Students Association (KISA@MUK).

The competitions were highly and sharply contested.

21 associations had registered to compete, but only twenty took part, after the withdrawal of the Rwanda Students, under unclear circumstances.

A team of six highly experienced and neutral adjudicators was carefully selected to ensure impartiality and objectivity. These included Mr.Kabunga Robert, Mr. John Paul Omunya, Ms. Namakula Rebecca, Mr. Bora Nobert, Ms. Amayo hope and another, who preferred anonymity.

Before announcing the results, the adjudicators talked to students, applauding performers and giving several recommendations.

According to the results announced by Ms Namakula , Baganda students scored 651 points, followed by Bunyoro Kitara students with 635 points while those from Kasese came in the third position with 627 points.

The poorest performance was registered by the Sebei Students Kasotoywo Association (SESKA), who scored only 368 points, despite showcasing fascinating performances.

Ms. Namakula  slammed the performers for using the English language in their performances, yet they were supposed to only use Kiswahili and other local languages.

“The only languages that were to be used were Kiswahili, and other local languages, we had a problem where some of you used English, and after switched back to local languages” remarked Ms. Namakula  before announcing the results.

She however thanked them for the high level of commitment depicted through rehearsals, and taking their time to write scripts.

She also told the performers, to avoid too much violence in their performances, as it can in the long run lead to provocations hence serious fights.

Speaking at the same event, Ms Amayo , indicated that there is a lot to be desired in different cultural performances. She faulted presenters for ignoring the composition of poems that portray how strikes can be done away with at Makerere University.

“Strikes are a big challenge to this university and poems were supposed to focus on how this can be addressed”,   asserted Amayo.

The Dean of students Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe thanked the performers for the commitment to their cultures and also reminded them that examination time tables in all colleges are out and so, they should start serious work after the event.

Meanwhile, the associations which took part in the event brought together different students from various cultures in Uganda.

For example the Adhola University Students Association (AUSA) united the Japadhola students, Acholi MAK students Association (AMSA) was comprised of Acholi students; Lango Students Association (LASA) brought together students from lango, among other associations.

The author is a Bachelor of Journalism and Communication (2nd year) at Makerere University.