By Moses Ntare

Police in Rubanda district is holding a night dancer locally called Omucecezi or Omucuraguuzi.

This old man has been identified as Ben Beitowaabo in his mid 60’s.

He’s from Nyakabungo cell, Mulore trading center, Rubanda town council, Rubanda district.

He was caught red handed on Friday night around 3am busy night dancing, performing cultural rituals that are considered to be ancient nowadays.

He was on one of the graves of his neighbors, who are closely related to him .it’s said that those families do not like each other though they are related.

It’s alleged that he was with his son who later escaped after he overpowered the residents, trying to teach him night dancing. He was found moving around the graves of the dead, picking there some soils. He had across, believed to been stolen from one of the graves from anywhere and a hen.

Beitowaabo survived being lynched by angry residents after police rescued him. But he was badly beaten, and he’s now admitted at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital.

People who do such rituals are most times witch doctors who are at times problematic to their villages.

These ancient men who practice such ‘wrong doings” are considered a disgrace to the community.

They use the spiritual powers to ill the communities they live in, and sometimes it’s alleged that they sometimes kill people.

Locals say they are angry that he didn’t die. They say they are tired of him of his ritual.

Caption: In the picture here, there is Beitowaabo with his wife as locals look on a cross and a hen are next to him.