By Kiyimba Bruno

The United Friends Of St Catherine Association (UFOSA) over the concluded weekend donated things that are necessary while giving birth to pregnant women in Matugga Semuto.

The team lead by UFOSA chairman Mr Kaketo Paul moved to Semuto health centre IV where they donated pampers,surgical spirit, blades,cotton wool,clothes, soap and many more to the women that they both found at the hospital and in the nearby areas.

Kaketo said that every year they get a cause and make sure they do something about it.

“Last year we were at Kaliro Church o Uganda where we donated the basic things that are needed by people in their day to day life.” Said Kakeeto.

Joseph Luwemba, the association vice chairman noted that the condition in which they found the hospital was very bad.

” It is very sad to find one doctor per unit thorough out the whole day.” Said Luwemba

He added that they found the theatre when it is locked yet pregnant women were outside waiting for doctors to attend to them.

He advised the government to invest heavily in the health centre IV since its the hospital of the poor people in the rural areas.

Nakate Jane,one of the beneficiaries thanked UFOSA for remembering them. She however noted that she was tired of going to hospital when pregnant and end up lining the whole day when actually she is not going to see the doctor.