By Watchdog reporter

Today morning, the entire nation was drown in shock when one of Uganda’s leading Newspaper publications New Vision made an ‘unforgivable’ error despite owning tens of experienced editors.

The typo which appeared on the very front page read ‘Pubic service given two-month deadline’ was not only a mistake but also an embarrassment to the entire new vision team.

And to make matters worse, the New Vision CEO Robert Kabushenga came out to issue an apology to the public for such disappointment, only to make another error in his official statement.

To all the readers of The New Vision: Please accept my sincere apology for the error that appeared in our headline this morning. These kinds of lapses are as embarrassing as they are unacceptable. We have learnt our lesson and we shall be more vigilant in future. Thanks for keeping us on our toes by pointing out where we go wrong. It is one way can improve continuously. We do not take your high expectations of us for granted. We therefore take all the feedback in good faith. Thank you for reading our paper critically. Best!


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