By Kiyimba Bruno

A new technology dubbed GLUED IOL has been innovated in Uganda to curb the problem of sight.

This was revealed by the senior consultant ophthalmologist at Dr Ogwals eye hospital Dr. Akbar Saleem in a press conference that was held this morning at Nakasero.

Dr Saleem said that it is a better way to celebrate the world sight day with the new innovation as well as testifying people, whose sight has been recovered.

The glued IOL is a technique for the IOL fixation in eyes with absent or insufficient capsular support which was first invented by Prof. Amar Agwarwal early on this year.

According to Dr Saleem, the technique involves fixing an intra IOL into the eye using biological glue which has made it possible for the successful implantation of the IOL.


12 year old Kabuye Alvin, who now sees, was brought to this hospital with a history of injury to his left eye with a piece of broken glass while opening the glass bottle. The glass piece led to corneoscleral tear along with trauma to the crystalline lens causing traumatic cataract and lens rupture with subluxation.

The nature of the injury was very bad to the extent that the young boy was about to lose his vision.

On this note the procedure of exploration and corneoscleral repair with lensectomy and anterior vitrectomy plus glued IOL was performed on the child.

This surgery in one of a kind and was performed in Uganda for the first time.