Another new rebel group has been formed to fight against the regime of South Sudan President Salva Kiir.

The formation of the National Resistance Front/Army (NRF/A) was reportedly agreed upon communiqué after a meeting held by all South Sudan opposition groups from September to October 2017.

During the meeting, NRF Political Bureau vowed that its members would openly oppose the Juba regime led by President Kiir.

The group, in a statement, described South Sudan as diverse state where naturally its management recommends for itself inclusive system of governance anchored on balanced allocations, distributions and exercise of power and reportedly resolved during its political bureau meeting that the ongoing conflict was “tragic”.

“(..) The problem of South Sudan needs fundamental change and therefore goes beyond reforms,” a section of the group’s statement reads, calling on all the opposition to fight against crimes, corruption, violations and power abuses in the country.

During the Political Bureau meeting, members of the NRF/A said it would fight to ensure South Sudan transforms to a Federal Republic of South Sudan where a presidency is rotational among the three greater regions of Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr-el-Gazal by law.

The group also vowed to fight to ensure the national security sector transforms to a professional and diverse sector structured through proportional formulae to be guaranteed by the laws of the country.

The group also highlights the struggle to ensure that federal powers are fairly and equally shared by all, wealth are fairly and equally shared by all as well as the extensive rights to achieve self-administration based on federalism, autonomy to the various people.

“[The] SPLM [Sudan People’s Liberation Movement] factions must step down from the interim administration of South Sudan,” further says the communiqué.

South Sudanese officials are yet to officially react to the group’s statement.