By Watchdog reporter

Apparently self proclaimed Prophet Elvis Mbonye should start taxing all business owners who have started using his name in disguise to market their goods and services.

For your information, if you’re not aware why Prophet Mbonye is selling like a street made rolex for the past one week, here is the answer.

This man of God is the only surviving being on earth who meets Jesus whenever he feels like and he has been making unending visits to heaven. Last week he made his followers kiss his shoes as one of the ways of honouring him.

Well, due to his sounding background, MTN; the leading telecom company in Uganda has decided to make an advert out of Mbonye’s mischievous acts to promote its Mokash service.

The advert states ‘Be your own prophet’ instead of profit. Remember a prophet as Mbonye claims; he has mastered the art of receiving what he desires on a sliver plate through collecting large chunks of money from his followers.

So MTN advert literally means that if you want to be like prophet Mbonye use ‘Mokash’ service.