By our reporter
Kiruhura district is in the process of constructing the biggest district headquarters in the country. Kiruhura, the district where President Museveni hails from, and taking his country home Rwakitura, is set to construct a monster building symbolizing power and fortune.
The district plans are already out, and this website has not yet established the total cost of the planned project.

However, the artistic impressions have already attracted envy, with the likes of Democratic Party president Nobert Mao, making comparisons with the parliament of Uganda.
Mao said in the tweet that Kiruhura district offices are about to make Parliament look like a ‘Boys quarter’.

He tweeted on April 23, 2018, “Kiruhuura has announced that their planned new district headquarters will make parliament and State House look like Boy’s Quarters! I’m humbled given our modest efforts to complete a district headquarters in Gulu. But anyway “Well done is better than well said.” Good luck