By Watchdog reporter

A damming intelligence dossier to President Museveni has literally tone apart recently appointed board chairman of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, Simon Kaheru.

Mr Kaheru was appointed UBC board chairman in June by Information minister Frank Tumwebaze, to replace Nathan Nabeta, the Jinja east MP. Tumwebaze thought Kaheru would cleverly guide UBC out of the limbo to give it a professional, modern and efficient touch.

It is now five months since that appointment which according to the dossier, it seems Mr Kaheru is digging another grave for the corporation.

Immediately after his appointment, Kaheru introduced a number of sweeping changes which unsettled the employees of the national broadcaster. The uncertainty at UBC has made senior employees resign including a corporation Secretary and chief marketing manager.

The dossier says, the most important thing which was at the table was the UBC revamping committee headed by ACME boss Peter Mwesigye. The committee which found lots of rot, was supposed to look into issues affecting the corporation and make recommendations on how to put UBC back on its rails.

Whereas the content of the Mwesigye report was not made public, the dossier states UBC has a lot of unused resources, including talented people and a range of equipment.

While the strategic direction was going well, Kaheru looks to have lost focus, and his desire is to make himself a permanent fixture at UBC.

In the process, he has usurped the powers of the managing director.

The dossier says, Kaheru works against common practice for board chairmen, which only oversees the running of institutions, by offering guidance to management.

The dossier says the managing director cannot make the slightest decision without asking Kaheru, or referring the matter for Kaheru to decide.

According to the dossier, Kaheru has now booked himself an office at UBC, and asked the corporation to furnish it. On top of that, he also ordered the president’s broadcast van to leave UBC parking, so that he can find space to park his vehicle every day.

The dossier, which the president might actually ignore since Kaheru has been on his list for deployment, but it might hamper his future moves.

The intel briefs on Museveni’s men usually help the president understand the competence of the people he works with, and their weaknesses.

Now that Kaheru wanted to go to New Vision, how he runs UBC matters a lot for prospects of replacing Robert Kabushenga who recently got his contract renewed.