By Herbert Bukenya

As Weasel moves on and tries to forget his fallen duo mate Mowzey Radio with whom they made the Goodlyfe name an international brand of musical stars, he is thinking about rebuilding the crew.

Having worked on a couple of successful songs with his brother and fellow artiste Pallaso, rumours of Pallaso becoming part of Goodlyfe officially have been making rounds for a couple of months now.

As if that is not enough having done a song with King Saha recently he too has been linked with a move to Goodlyfe something Weasel said is being considered but its still in its early days.

Weasel said King Saha is a good friend to them and has been by their side for a long time through thick and thin besides working together with him musically as well so now a permanent union too can be worked out but its not yet ready for now.