Government has effected new rates for acquiring and renewing driving licenses following the approval of the Finance Act, 2016 by President Yoweri Museveni.

With effect from July 1, 2016, the new rates will apply said Winston Katushabe, the chief licensing officer and secretary of Transport Licensing Board at the Ministry of Works. He dismissed the initial reports that implementation of the new rates had been postponed.

President Museveni assented to the Act on June 30, a day before the beginning of FY 2016/2017. A provisional driving permit will now costs you UGX 30,000. A three-year driving permit will cost UGX 150,000 up by UGX 84,000 from UGX 66,000. A one-year permit now costs UGX 55,000. Permit renewal has been increased to UGX 130,000 from UGX 66,000.