By Kiyimba Bruno

The newly elected president of the Uganda Boxing Federation Moses Muhangi has started off his office duties in a newly rebranded office with tough tasks ahead of him.

Muhangi began his work by warning all people who organize boxing games without notifying the federations.

“I give a strong warning to all those who organize fights. Come and notify us before they take place. This will prevent all the dangers which may arise” Muhangi said.

He went ahead to say that in such fights many risky things happen to boxers yet the organizers have nowhere to go. This makes them to end up in cells or even others losing their lives.

The new office was painted with pictures of former boxers like John beast Mugabi, Godfrey Nyakaana and many more who raised the Uganda flag to its peak.

The president also advised all clubs to register their members since it is one way of securing them federation identity cards which will help them do their trainings well.

On a sad note, the president said that as a sport, they have been having issues with boxers getting lost when they go to different matches abroad. Muhangi believes that as a federation, they should work towards sending more boxers out as long as they have formal arrangements with the federation.

Here Muhangi promised to put a fully functioning marketing department to ensure that such players get enough sponsorship.