By our reporter

Police have denounced allegations that they gave guns to incarcerated Bodaboda 2010 ring leader Abdallah Kitatta for security reasons.

Police spokesman, Emilian Kayima on Tuesday revealed that Kitatta should explain where he got the guns from.

“It should be Kitatta and his co-accused to explain the source of the guns,” Kayima noted as he distanced police from the allegations.

On Monday, the army charged and remanded Kitatta and 12 others to Kigo Prison.

The court was chaired by Col. Kayemba and they were charged with five offences of which four are criminal offences of failing to protect war material, contrary to section 122 (1) and (2)(h) and (i) of the UPDF act , 2005. The other charge was unlawful possession of military stores contrary to section 161 of the UPDF act.

According to UPDF Deputy Spokesperson Lt Col Deo Akiiki, the four criminal offences attract a maximum sentence of death while one attracts life imprisonment respectively.

“These sentences are of capital nature and are not triable by a UDC. However, the criminal procedure requires that court without jurisdiction can read the charges preferred and remand the accused, and that he or she is not allowed to enter any plea thus remanding the accused persons to Kigo Prison,” He noted.