By Faridah Nakazibwe

It could be that he is saving for his education or building his own house. Or it could be that he is using all his salary to support his younger siblings or invest in a greater cause.

Don’t rush into underrating people. We are all born into different families and we fight different battles. Some people, by some fluke of nature, are born into wealthy families and have everything handed to them on asilver platter.

On the other hand, some people are born into what I call a furnace of affliction. From the day they were born to adulthood, they have had to fight all kinds of problems. They have had to survive the pain of coming from a broken family, the scourge of poverty, the threat of sickness and the stigma of life. For such people, the very fact that they are alive is blessing.

Others are handed their success on a silver platter while others create their own success.

We are different people. We fight different battles and we have different destinies. So don’t be quick to look down on people. You don’t know what they are fighting or what they have survived to get here!

I salute all those who have created their own destiny and those who are still fighting to create their destiny………Thats the spirit…