By Faridah Nakazibwe

Let go of the past & look at what lies ahead. Because of past experiences of hurt,betrayal,disappointment & pain,many people today have shut their hearts against new & great things that wish to come in their lives & what God wants bring their way.

Don’t come up with a discouraging conclusion of your life just because there has been some past crisis or failure.
Don’t expect perfection from anyone. Understand that there will be mistakes made by others and yourself too. The key is knowing what to hold on to and what & when to let go.

Don’t bring tons of baggage from your past to a new space and experience, let your past be just that – YOUR PAST. Develop meaningful relationships with people you know are willing to match your level of effort.

Not everyone is out to hurt you so don’t miss out on a beautiful thing cos you are insecure or stuck in your past happenings.

He isn’t him and she isn’t her. Allow people to prove to you that they are in it for the long run.