By Watchdog reporter

Ever since the dirty sex secrets of the late Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi, proprietor of St. Lawrence Schools came to limelight, many parents were left with nothing to imagine apart from the possible sexual harassments faced by their children especially girls while at schools in the hands of perpetrators.

 Now a netizen (internet user) has come out to expose some of the top teachers who sexually harass their students in Kampala schools.

Narrating her ordeal, the concerned citizen who preferred to remain anonymous said she was also once a victim of sexual harassments when she was still in her secondary school.

“I went to two different schools during my high school but I faced alot of challenges in both schools and it was due to male teachers.Guy yankwana and when I refused that was the beginning of my misery,yantekako emisango and since he was part of the disciplinary committe I was always in his office for crimes I did not commit, my performance began to decline in his subject,every time I went to his office he touched my breasts and said if I don’t agree to his demands I will continue to fail and later on be suspended from school,”

“I got courage and talked to the headmaster ,to my surprise he told me to keep quiet about it and nothing was done.later on I realised in every class there was avictim from senior one to senior six, in my final year,there were three gals who dropped out cause they were pregnant for this same man who was harassing me,many teachers knew about it and still nothing was done,in my Alevel my class teacher was well known for defiling young gals,infact if you refused to give into his advances,you will be expelled immediately from school,he had almost slept with every gal who offered his subject,”

She says this kind of action is not only happening at St. Lawrence Schools, it happens countrywide and her advice to parents is to spare some time for their children especially those in boarding schools and know how they are treated by these male teachers. Find out why they hate a certain teacher or his subject because there’s always a reason behind it.

She pinpointed out teachers like Kiwanuka Asuman of Alliance High School, Kibuki Shem of Kasubi SSS and Wanyama Maya Kasago of Old Kampala SS to be some of the students molesters in their schools.