Israel Prime Minister’s apology for the chaotic traffic flow his visit caused, ignited laughter at a dinner on Tuesday evening.

Benjamin Netanyahu said he had seen media coverage of how Kenyans were forced to walk to work after many roads in the city were closed for his use.

“I don’t understand. We are driving through Nairobi and there is no traffic problem. But nonetheless I’m sorry … I apologise to the people of Kenya who were inconvenienced,” he said.

But he assured that the wait in traffic was worth it following the glad tidings that the visit has brought to Kenyans in the interest of development.

Netanyahu made his remarks at a dinner hosted by President Uhuru Kenyatta, he said Israel had been waiting for decades for the African tour.

He said communication technology advancements, agriculture, security, water, health interventions as well as economic growth through entrepreneurship will follow in the wake of the tour.

“There is something happening here. The more we talk, the more we discover more things we have to do. This is not lip service, this is true since we not only held a meeting of the minds, but also a meeting of the hearts,” the PM said.

Netanyahu will depart to Rwanda later on Wednesday for a series of meetings scheduled in his Africa tour.

The tour marks the first visit by a sitting Prime Minister from Israel in almost three decades.